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human!Dean/angel!Cas  AND demon!Dean/human!Cas

protect each other ;D


ヘタろぐ【ギルエリ】 by 霜月しま

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"I see you in colors that don’t exist"

-Paul Matsumoto, I See You In Colors

My entry for the Supernatural Design Challenge! Please vote for it »»here «« if you like it!!

It would mean the world to me if this gets chosen in the top 20, and maybe go on to be chosen for printing on the official CW merchandise for SPN. And you can can help me by voting on the link so that I make into the top 20 and go on to the next round :)

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Baby hippos rely on their mother’s feces for nourishment. Source


I was wondering how many times I drew Cas though this year, and it appeared to be 25(I still might be wrong) Cas’ arts on my library. I thought it would be like 5… Enjoy! =)




if you cut the tip off, how do you seal it when you save it for later?

^^^ Seriously. How do you store it after you open it?

Step one: step two: 



cold bloo that’s fuckin COLD

Wow what a dick


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jeanmarco → etymology
It’s just that I don’t want those charred bones to be disappointed in me.
I know what needs to be done now.



Committing suicide is a crime in the US not so that we can punish the depressed, but because, if it weren’t, it would be illegal for the police to enter a home to save someone they suspected was about to kill themselves.

There has to be reasonable belief that a crime is currently being committed or is about to be committed for the police to enter private property.

This had confused me for a long time and this explanation makes so much sense!!


Doodle Time by Sarah Anderson [tumblr | twitter | facebook]

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